Go big or go home…

Rosie Bonita

Posted on: January 21, 2009

Rosie Bonita is my tortoise:



She is a Tunisian spur-thigh, she is the first birthday present J bought me, and she is the best pet I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately she is not allowed to travel.

Most (all?) tortoises are finally, sensibly, protected by CITES, which restricts their import and export.

This means that UK breeders have to be registered, and stops nefarious characters going to places like Tunisia, packing a tea chest with baby Rosies and shipping them back to pet shops in the hope that some survive.

Because of these restrictions, tortoises are now relatively scarce in the UK so it would have been easy to sell Rosie back to a good breeder, but I just couldn’t do it.

Instead she is being fostered by a friend, with a support network that includes my sister, J’s mum and another friend.

I don’t know if this is an ideal solution – I have no idea when I will be back – but the thought of never seeing her little pointy face again was just too sad.

She's teeny

She's teeny


4 Responses to "Rosie Bonita"

don’t worry, loopy lou, i’ll take v good care of your pointy-faced baba. two weeks in, she’s still chomping on rocket and craning her little wrinkly head up to look at me, so all seems rosy (hehe) in tortoise land! : )

She couldn’t be in better hands!

tortoise live for about 100 years so she will be waiting for you when you come back, she may be minus her teeth ( do they have teeth ) and I am sure she is like an elephant so she wont forget you.

She has a little beak rather than teeth. And a pointy bird tongue.

To be honest, I think she loves whomever feeds her, proper cupboard love.

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