Go big or go home…

Pulling up roots

Posted on: January 24, 2009

Dear Flat,

I didn’t like you when I met you. You were empty at the viewing; a big white cube. I thought you were soulless. I didn’t realise that character comes from people, not woodwork.

Fortunately J had more vision, and a checklist. You ticked everything except “Bath” so we bought you. We moved in before the furniture and ate fish & chips on the floor.

That was three and a half years ago, and those years have been some of my best. You’ve been part of that; a corner of the world that’s mine. The first roots I’ve put down since mum & dad’s.

You’ve been part of my relationship with J as well. A mortgage is as much a commitment as a marriage. The lack of doors means I’ve learned to slam them less.

You made me house proud. You made me a housewife. You’ve been the backdrop to countless dinners and parties. You’ve only locked me out twice, and managed not to burn to the ground.

I don’t know if I will ever live in you again, but I will try and get you good tenants – ones who see the beauty in a big white cube.

Yours always,



3 Responses to "Pulling up roots"

I wanted to buy the flat with the huge terrace.

J pointed out that none of “Kitchen in cupboard under stairs”, “More space outside than in”, or “Could install hot tub” was on the checklist.

He’s so sexy when he’s rational.

thats so sweet , need to know why do you call yourself elle

She’s my online alter ego.

It’s the first letter of my name, and a hundred years ago at uni a friend used to call me el boogie. It became my hotmail sign in, and has stayed with me in some form ever since.

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