Go big or go home…

Travelling light

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Sunday morning. Every thing’s going well. I’ve had 6 hours’ sleep, I don’t have much of a hangover, I had a great last night.

Then as I gather up the last few odds and sods to pack, it occurs to me that our very large bag (it’s a 140 litre base camp bag) is getting very full.

We don’t have any scales in the house (weighing yourself all the time = bad mojo), but that doesn’t matter. By the time we zip it up I can’t lift it, which means it’s well over our alloted 20 kg, and probably over the maximum excess of 32kg.

I spend the day freaking out about this, unable to figure out what to chuck. At £34/kg for excess weight, this could get expensive.

The moment of truth arrives:
Bag 1: 25kg (phew!)
Bag 2: 37kg (ummmm….)

On top of that, we have 22kg of hand baggage, and we’re only allowed 7kg each.

Cue frantic re-packing – the girl at check-in (clearly an angel sent from St Christopher himself), decided that our desktop PC tower was actually a laptop, so we got an extra piece of hand baggage.

We managed to get each of those down to 7kg, along with 7kg of “laptop”. We also rearranged bags so that we had an extra one to check, redistributing from the heavy one into the others.

This process made me completely hysterical (if I hadn’t laughed I might have cried), especially as my sister’s boyfriend was trying to help without accidentally touching any of my undies (of which there are a lot).

Eventually we went back to the check-in angel:
Bag 1: 25kg
Bag 2: 11kg
Bag 3: 23kg

A grand total of 49kg – 9kg over, and an excess charge of £306, but at least all the bags were under 32kg without having to ditch too much stuff.

Then the angel took our emigration papers and disappeared. She returned five minutes later, “We’re going to waive the excess charge.”

I told her she was the most amazing person I’d ever met. She told us that we’d been so polite and tried so hard to be compliant that she was glad to be able to help. (Apparently most people yell at her when she tells them their bags are too heavy.)

Anyway, I ended up with a bag-lady tote stuffed full of paper as my hand baggage, but all-in-all I think the good karma bodes well for our new life.


2 Responses to "Travelling light"

Glad to hear you guys made it in one piece. That lady does indeed sound like an angel 🙂

Not sure you can call this travelling light

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