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Singapore sights and sounds #01

Posted on: February 6, 2009

• A blind busker with a sign that read “I am sorry I cannot see you appreciating my kind music.”

• A cover story from Simply Her, Singapore’s Cosmo: Don’t fire your maid! Strategies to keep her happy and competent.


I read the article slack-jawed. Advice included:

Treat your maid as you would your children. Be patient and always set clear boundaries.


Don’t be rude or abrupt when you issue orders. Try always to say please and thank you.

WTF! I would never ask another human being (adult or child) to do something for me without trying to be polite. But J says clearly lots of people are rude, and at least the magazine is trying to do something about it.

The rest of it was dull as anything, party-line all the way. “How to be more productive in the office.” “How to budget better.” And LOTS of ads, mostly for skin whitening products.

• The nicest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen:

Orchard Road Maccy D's

Orchard Road Maccy D's

That’s all for now. Zai jian, hao peng you, happy Friday everyone!


2 Responses to "Singapore sights and sounds #01"

As a comment on the respect level towards maids from some people (I was about to say most, but heck, let’s be polite), see this link


Welcome to sunny Singapore!

I want to go to that maccy D’s and I will be your maid it sound like a good job

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