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Singapore sights and sounds #02

Posted on: February 18, 2009

• A pregnant lady got on the MRT (tube) the other day and three people instantly jumped up to allow her to sit.

I have seen pregnant women get on in London and ride six or seven stops without anyone offering a seat. The standard response is for seated commuters to bury their heads deep into a newspaper, thereby excusing themselves as they “didn’t notice she was there”.

Whenever I saw this happen (for it was sadly common), I would spend the six or seven stops trying to decide whether I should intervene on the pregnant lady’s behalf. I never did.

• The banks here are retarded!

This country is supposed to be the financial jewel in Asia’s crown, but it really is the worst place I’ve banked (previous countries banked in: n=1).

My ATM and debit cards are separate entities (the second of which I had to apply for in writing), my savings account is managed with a passbook, and I had to go into a branch to get a device that allows me to bank online.

(Actually, that last bit’s unfair. The internet banking is really good, and the device is a random number generator that’s linked to my login, so it’s super-secure.)

Quick update on other stuff: Life is good, getting the keys to our flat in two day’s time, and starting work in a week and a half. More about the job to follow.

Also, I have permanent contact details now, so if you feel compelled to send me a parcel or make an expensive long-distance phone call, drop me a line and I’ll provide the means.


5 Responses to "Singapore sights and sounds #02"

With Britain’s obesity epidemic, I always shy away from offering my seat to the impregnated on the offchance they’re really just massively overweight.

Anyway, as a good liberal I wouldn’t positively discriminate in favour of pregnant women, old people or the obviously crippled; it’s a matter of respect. 😛

Hmm, that’s J’s argument as well.

That and “But I don’t want to have to stand.”

I was really itching to intervene when on the tube with my eight months-pregnant-with-twins sister-in-law. Everyone just buried, as you said, when it was soooo obvious she was super-pregnant. And it was a weekend!

OK, rant over, nice to be reading your Singapore stories. Don’t stop when you get a job!

Did you ask her if you could say something?

I always end up thinking with strangers that if they wanted to say, “Hey look, pregnant lady here, can I sit down?” then they’d do so. I know I would if I was in that situation.

I once asked for a seat because I’d fainted and was sprawled on the floor (again, I suddenly became invisible), and the only person who moved for me was a little old man.

great news about the flat do mail us the details please.

All the best to you both

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