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An honest crust

Posted on: February 20, 2009

I’m starting work in nine day’s time, after five luxurious weeks off. I have landed myself a job in the Asian hub of an international ad agency, as a creative in their healthcare department.

This is similar to my job in London, and very exciting because the healthcare section is less than two year’s old and comprises only four people. This means I’ll get loads of experience beyond writing, and hopefully catch the department as it starts to go big. It def won’t do my CV any harm, and should be a fascinating learning curve.

Before I start, I have some homework to do. I need to write a short bio, to be sent to the staff (100 or so people) before I arrive, along with a photo (no passport or professional shots). Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Hi! I’m your new healthcare copywriter. I’m 28 and until a month ago I’d lived my whole life in the UK. 2009 seemed like a good time to get out and learn about this crazy world we live in.

I love cooking, eating, dancing, laughing, talking; I’m also fond of vodka martinis.

I’m not very good with chopsticks, but my love of food means I’m getting a lot of practice. Still, I get quite a lot of noodle soup in my hair – if you see me accidentally wearing any lunch, please let me know.

Whaddya reckon? It bothers me that the middle para is so much shorter than the others, but I think it’s too chunky to run them all on. The audience is usual ad agency fare; young, scruffy, lots of expats – mostly Asian.

Will finish the bio off with a bit about the photo I pick – haven’t decided on one yet. Have absolutely dozens of me in absurd fancy dress but I don’t know if they’d set the right tone. I don’t want to come across all Colin Hunt’s office trolley. (Wahey! I’m kerr-azy, me!)

Escargots à Paris

Escargots à Paris

Maybe the one above? Snails are huge here. (Figuratively and literally, the Chinese supermarket near my new flat sells African land snails.)

Reminds me of lab work at uni

Reminds me of lab work at uni

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4 Responses to "An honest crust"

Rule 34!

A jewel-encrusted giant African land snail, crawling over a naked woman’s breasts.

Are you suppose to eat the above or are they kept as pets

snails on stereoids!

The ones in the picture are probably destined for disection, they make good lab models.

You can eat them too though, and I suppose you could keep them as pets as well.

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