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Singapore sights and sounds #03

Posted on: April 2, 2009

• Durian



I guess that should be sights, sounds and smells. This south Asian fruit is famous for smelling bad, to the extent that it’s banned on public transport and eaten at stalls rather than people’s homes.

Singapore SMRT sign

Singapore SMRT sign

I tried it for the first time yesterday and decided that it smells better than it tastes. The scent is one that I’ve long associated with Asia without being able to name, so perhaps for me it smells of holidays and exoticism.

The tasting was initiated by a Philipino colleague who assured me that durian is usually sweeter and generally nicer, so I guess I’ll give it another go. The texture was good – somewhere between thick custard and over-ripe avocado.

• Glory explosion!

On a lamp-post by Farrer Park MRT station

On a lamp-post by Farrer Park MRT station

I pass this sign on my way to work and it cracks me up daily. Will I ever grow up? I doubt it.


3 Responses to "Singapore sights and sounds #03"

I am so proud of the space between the second and third images. It took about an hour but I get giddy every time I figure something out without asking for help.

I suspect I need to wrap my head round css before I really get images doing what I want though. This stuff doesn’t come naturally to me at all.

If it smells better than it taste I am very glad I did not try it when I was there. The work colleagues insist I must next time. I did the chicken feet and the 1000 year eggs but apparently they want more 🙂

Well done for trying! them!

I haven’t tried chicken’s feet. Don’t see the appeal of all that skin and gristle!

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