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On being a tourist in Singapore:
MacRitchie [National Park] is amazing, so beautiful and with great reservoirs named after great architects. And our zoo is the best in the world. Also the flyer [ferris wheel] is the largest in the world, but in China they are building a bigger one. It is always the way.

On independence:
Singapore is only 40-some years old. I was born just after independence so I consider myself very fortunate. Since I was born Singapore has been getting better and better.

What do you think it will be like in another 40 years time?
Even better than it is now. We don’t have any natural resources but our brain is our resource so we will keep striving to improve things.

What do you think is the best thing at the moment?
Definitely the security. You can walk anywhere at night on your own and it is safe. It is a great achievement.

Yeah, it’s quite different to London in that respect.
Ah, but Mr Lee wanted to model Singapore on London. He was inspired by new-stands where people just left the right change for their paper. We are not that honest in Singapore, but one day we will be.

Is that why you have the Kindness Movement?
The Kindness Movement is very important. I think Singaporeans are happy at the weekends, but during the week they work long hours and it makes them unfriendly.

Turning onto Serangoon Road:
Little Indian is amazing, so lively. I have been coming here for 20 years, since before they built Mustafa Centre.

How has it changed in 20 years?
Mustafa Center changed it. Now there are more people and more shops that stay open in the evening, once there was only a few small restaurants. It is such an amazing lively place.