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Hurtling through space at breakneck speed

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Except we don’t break our necks. We somehow stick to the surface and everything is mostly ok.

Yesterday was our nine month Singapore anniversary. I never used to notice time much, but now it’s measured in missing friends, family and home it’s felt more keenly.

A few thoughts from the past three months:

1. National identity.

I still can’t pin an identity to this strange city. Sometimes it seems like the glittering skyscrapers are a mirage, borne by the heat haze.

I’ve embarked on a mission to better understand the place where I live, which involves getting my head ’round a complex, sensitive past.

The population here is ageing, like most affluent countries, so there are still plenty who remember the Japanese occupation, and the torrid 50s race riots.

Events like that must shape a new-born nation. I’m gonna try and talk to a few people and see if I can understand more – watch this space.

2. Work.

Takes up most of my time, and I dedicate fewer hours to it than many colleagues. Even so, my desire to sleep 10 hours a night means some days I don’t do anything except go to work then go to bed.

I’m learning a lot, which is good, but the curve is occasionally precipitous, which is hard. Sometimes things click and I feel like I’m getting the hang of it, but there are still days that feel like big fat fuck-ups. I’m trying to keep the fuck-ups in proportion though – at least I’m not a brain surgeon.

3. Autumn.

I’m crazily homesick for autumn. Obviously for a completely romanticised, in no way realistic autumn, where the leaves are always golden and every morning is crisp, cold and bright.

Autumn is by far the best season for cycling, especially at dawn and dusk. Coming home from work in London meant heading straight into the setting sun – at once beautiful and dangerous.

And it’s the season when cooking steps-up a gear. Long dark evenings mean eight course dinner parties that go on until 4am, Christmas is just around the corner (I hope you’re all feeding your cakes) and lots of gorgeous English veg is coming in to season.

My cravings seem to be tuned to this – last month it was apple cobbler and plum cake, now it’s kale and red cabbage. Ooh, and game, goose, Jerusalem artichokes, vacherin!

I remind myself that autumnal bicycles (baskets full of squash) pedal inexorably toward winter. The season of eternal darkness and frozen toes. Drizzling, grizzling rain and frayed January tempers.

Looks like it’s going to be 32 C and sunny here again today. I guess there isn’t TOO much to complain about.

Yours, ever-so-slightly homesick elle

I wrote this a week and a half ago and only just got round to proofing it. How can such a simple life leave me with so little time?

2 Responses to "Hurtling through space at breakneck speed"

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this 3 Olives. We miss you on DOL. Not sure how I would cope living away from England. Autumn is my favourite season and we’ve had a very gentle one this year (if not quite as spectacular as some years). Really pleased to read that Mummy is on her way to give you a big huggle.

If it makes you feel better… it’s raining and we have at least 6 months before we’ll see warm sunshine again… and probably more before we see 32C !! The grass is always greener on the other side you know.

I seem to remember a conversation with you not that long ago regarding Angel and not being married. You may have heard that her wedding is in 6 weeks time and I’m running round like a headless chuck.

Take care,

:o) And yes, I’m feeding my cake.

Honey 😡

Thanks for this lovely reply. I miss DOL too, but mostly used to post during down time at my old job – don’t get much opportunity here!

The wedding is so close!!! Good luck!!! Mid-December is a beautiful time to get married, and given how lovely Angel looks in her pics, I have no doubt she will live up to her online name.

No cake for me this year, but I’ll report back on my attempts to make Christmas pudding ice cream.

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