Go big or go home…

I packed my bag and in it I put…

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Here are the things we brought back from the UK. I think the list is somewhat revealing about Singapore life:

Laura Mercier primer and mascara (boring but necessary, there is only one stockist in Singapore and the lady there is mean)
x4 sex toys (I’ll spare details and blushes, suffice to say there are few good sex shops in Singapore)
x13 books (Naked Lunch, Diary of a Madman, Count Belisarius, The Tipping Point, LA Confidential, The Warden, The Business, Transition, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Tin Drum, The Singapore Grip, Spring Snow, 2666)
x15 peperami (a present)
x2 gold-embroidered, Buckingham Palace-monogrammed tea towels (also presents)
A signed silk-screen print from a guy in a coffee shop (anyone know a good framers?)
x3 bras
x3 cheeses
x2 chutneys (1 beetroot, 1 crab apple)
2.5 kg joint of smoked gammon

I didn’t trouble myself to check but I suspect bringing meat and cheese through the green aisle is illegal, but fortunately we’ll soon eat the evidence.


8 Responses to "I packed my bag and in it I put…"

Almost forgot to mention the 50 packets of silver skins and filter tips.

So how did you cook the gammon?


Boiled it in cider first, and then rubbed it with brown sugar and mustard powder, studded it with cloves and roasted it. Delicious.

Nice! I trust it is all gone…

I used to grill thich slices of ham smeared on the edge with honey/mustard then served with a couple of fried eggs…good breakfast.

3XBras why? Surely they sell bras there?

Haha, fun trying to buy 30DD anywhere, let alone Asia. There are about three stores in London that reliably stock them.

I can mail order though, but I wanted to pop in and get remeasured – weight has gone up and down over the past year.

I confess that is not a problem I have faced….

What about Perth and some diving at the Nindaloo ref?


Good Luck

Nice to read the perspective of an *’Ang Moh’ living in Singapore!
Hi 5 to MRT woes =)

*Chinese dialect for Red Haired Person usually referring to Caucasian.

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