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Sunday morning. Every thing’s going well. I’ve had 6 hours’ sleep, I don’t have much of a hangover, I had a great last night.

Then as I gather up the last few odds and sods to pack, it occurs to me that our very large bag (it’s a 140 litre base camp bag) is getting very full.

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One of the perks of being relocated (as opposed to relocating yourself) is that people who know what’s what are paid to help you out.

As such a nice lady in Illinois (obviously) is in charge of our shipping. According to her:

Here are the items not allowed to be shipped per our policy:
• Household Pets
• Piano
• Items of exceptional value, Jewelry, Furs, antiques, works or art, coin or stamp collections
• Wine or Alcoholic Beverages
• Boats, engines, cars, motorcycles, trailers, Recreational Vehicles or Airplanes
• Riding lawn mowers
• Foodstuffs
• Live Plants
• Firearms, ammunition, knives or blades, which could be classified as weapons.
• Materials of any explosive, dangerous or flammable nature such as paints, solvents, bleaches, acids, etc.
• Building Materials
• Any item that may be subject to complex or restrictive export/import controls.

My first response to this is that clearly we’re being a little unambitious thinking that all we need to take with us are two boxes of books and some dive kit.

Second thought – what kinds of people does this woman usually relocate??? “Yes, I’d like to ship this greyhound, a grand piano and a mysterious fur coat.” That’s surely the plot of a Jack Lemmon movie?

And who takes building materials? Apparently we have a whole 20ft container at our disposal. Perhaps I’ll fill it with bags of cement and coarse aggregate.

Or perhaps I’ll just take two boxes of books and my dive kit.