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Hot and wet!

Hot and wet!

Aside from complaining about being hungry and/or tired (my needs are quite infantile!), I’m a pretty glass-half-full girl.

Certainly leaving the UK has never been about wanting to run *from* anything, it’s always been about what I’m running towards.

Until this week, when I really struggled to force myself onto my bike and out into the icy pitch of 0640 – pretty much the only thing motivating me was the thought that this’ll be my last winter cycling in the UK.

The optimism thing means that cycling into the dawn and feeling the freezing air rush past my face is always enough to stop me scowling, but hopefully it also means I’ll find plenty of things in Sing to make me smile too.

After two year’s talking incessantly about how much we’d like to live abroad, it’s finally happening!

D-day is the last week of January – less than two months away.

I’m sooooooooooooooooooo excited/terrified/excited/terrified. It’s gonna be a roller coaster, baby!

There’s nothing like all out bipolar mania to let you know you’re alive.