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The beach on Pulau Dayang, Malaysia

The beach on Pulau Dayang, Malaysia

I can catch a bus after work on Friday evening and dive here at 8am on Saturday morning.


Just before last Saturday’s French fancies, J and I stopped at one of Singapore’s ubiquitous fish spas.

The concept is simple, and age-old. You stick your feet in a tank full of fish that eat dead skin, and let nature run its freaky pedicuring course.

Creepy wiki-fact:

The skin-feeding behavior fully manifests only under conditions where the food supply is somewhat scarce and unpredictable

So basically, these fish are driven to eating dead foot skin via deprivation, and they deliver pedicures in just the kind of frenzy you would expect.

Garra rufa, doctor fish

Garra rufa, doctor fish

I have had many an interesting experience, including some foot-related ones (the narration of which is best saved for another forum), and this was far and away the weirdest.

I screamed, squirmed and giggled for the full 15 minute taster. Suffice to say, it tickles.

I look happier than I was

I look happier than I was

I was helpless in my exclamations, unable to consider the spa setting (plinky-plonk music, muted hues), the shushing of the other fish-fetishists or the thankless man trying to massage my shoulders.

Stubbornness drove me to see out the full quarter hour (a normal session is twice that), but 15 minutes later my feet were all tingly and I wanted to do it again.

Would I though? I don’t think so. I can think of better ways to waste
50 bucks.