Go big or go home…

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We… I say ‘we’, perhaps I should introduce us first. My husband J and I, got the news that we’re leaving about a week and a half ago.

He’s being transferred out with his work, I’m accompanying him as the little woman (I rather like the sound of ‘expat wife’, more glamorous than ‘her indoors’). While being kept does sound vaguely appealing (perhaps I could join a golf club?), I’m looking for work too.

We’re noticeably both scared and excited by the thought of leaving our nice safe London nest, but we’re dealing with it in very different ways. J tends towards the insular when he has a lot to think about, whereas I seem to have flipped myself into a very manic phase.

I’m not sure this mania is a bad thing – I’ve certainly got a lot done in the past week – but I don’t know how sustainable it is. The longest guess in the sweepstake is two weeks, which falls a bit short of the seven weeks I have left in the UK.

Two weeks feeling this insane does seem like a long time when you consider I’ve been bouncing off the walls, surviving on four hour’s sleep a night and driving J mental, but so far it’s been really good fun!

I’m sooooo smiley and happy along with the insanity that I think I could see it carrying me through until I leave. Trouble is, I know myself all too well, and wouldn’t be surprised if I get to Asia and then suffer the longest comedown of my life.